Excellence in Customer Service

For over sixty years, Aldo Construction’s attention to customer service, one of it’s core values, has earned it a respected recognition in the Montreal condo industry.  Because of their special attention to detail and conscientious work, Aldo Construction has always been able to deliver a quality product that meets the needs of its customers. Excellence in customer service is felt with the very first step of the condo buying process all the way to the final delivery of the product. Aldo Construction’s advisors are there to guide you or to respond to all your questions.

Constantly seeking customer satisfaction, Aldo Construction also provides after-sales service more effective, ensuring that the purchase of a condo fully meets expectations of the new owners. Follow-ups are made and all questions, whether relating to warranties or simply informal, are addressed quickly. Choosing Aldo Construction to purchase your condo means choosing excellence and assurance of fast, efficient and full service.